International Women'S Day Why Is It Celebrated

international women's day why is it celebrated

Because hers last longer!Duchene is the wife of a celebrated architect in Paris.The introduction of women into factories where men only have hitherto been employed will necessitate some rearrangement in the way of special attention to the fencing of belts, pulleys and machine tools.For the flaming poster points out in effect: If a woman can be had to drill 1000 holes at 50 centimes an hour who will hire a man to drill 500 holes at 75 centimes an hour?

Factories not yet quite ready for the whole innovation, begin with the tunic and a cap and a skirt.Exploitation de la Femme to back the feminist demand.And every nation hurried to set up in its factories the industrial canteen, where meals are prepared and served to employés at cost price.The effect of all overtime should be carefullywatched and workers should be at once relieved from it when fatigue becomes apparent.For the lack of the shells, you know, a battle might be lost.

international women's day why is it celebrated

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And there was often a marked lowering of her vitality and efficiency.So a White Paper submitted diagrams for the canteen building.But when you have convinced Mrs.The paper factories met the situation by reducing the size of the parcel.Well, anyhow, Government everywhere said it would think this matter over.The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.Black is indisposed, it is too bad for her to have to go all the way home to go to bed.

international women's day why is it celebrated

For the new place in industry is the mostcomfortable place in which she has ever been in the world!She sits before a Bunsen burner and holds the tool in the flame while it turns all beautiful tints, straw colour, purple, blue or red.There is one uniform that costs not more than 4 shillings: sometimes the firm even furnishes it and launders it.CHAPTER VThe New Wage EnvelopeThe baby had been fretful all that hot summer day.IWD website aim to achieve?Industry had never been arranged for her needs or her convenience.These and other innovations have been made inaccordance with a definite plan.

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It is done by machinery, or if there are heavy sheets that must be lifted by hand, men are employed to do it.The only answer is the woman movement that keeps on steadily moving.In munitions the last returns show England with 400, 000, Germany with 500, 000 and France with 400, 000 women.You see, we have made over the machines for her.Black is going to get a better dinner that way!Do you know, the more I see of the woman in industry, the more it looks to me as if she could stand it.Well, there you are.

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Now run along and be a good little girl!The leather, tanning and currying trade put in special lifting tackle.Nobody bothered about how many hours she worked.And the engineering trade, for manipulating the heavy shells, has put in electrical cranes and carriages: they are operated by a woman who sits in a sort of easy chair from which she only lifts her hand to touch the right lever.Great beautiful La France roses, splendid roses de gloire, bride roses and spicy carnations made lanes of bloom up and down the workroom.

international women's day why is it celebrated

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Ah, so it will.And well, you know how it is when you put so much as a back porch on the house.Then she swept all her house through.This report has been made on it to the Government.Women now areinvited in.

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Everybody sees now a reason why Mrs.Women were doing it all over Europe.But the first most important thing that was done in making over industry, was opening the door fromthe inside for Mrs.Women in England are wearing fur coats.But why not go to work, the authorities would ask.In a London tube station I came upon one of them: my startled gaze encountered a man on his knees scrubbing the floor and a woman at the ticket window taking tickets!

London with the sociological investigator who is trying to find this out.See the girl drilling 1000 holes at 50 centimes an hour where a man once drilled 500 holes for 75 centimes an hour!And the public crèche has been promptly erected.The Care Committee used to have to provide boots for over 300 school children in this district.It was, one might say, the basement of industry to which she was first admitted.When you return from the front, you shall have the job back.

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You never found Mr.For the new woman in industry is too efficient to be countenanced as a competitor in the labour market to offer herself at a lower wage than men.Black was home on leave a while ago.Day your day and do what you can to truly make a positive difference for women.They were shocked at such uneconomic management.And there is more.

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Black, when he returns from the front, will prefer that she should.Gabrielle Duchene stopped the skilled workman and showed him the message, which enunciates the demand: For equal work, equal pay.The Health of Munition Workers Committee are now strongly of the opinion that for women and girls a portion of Saturday and the whole of Sunday should be available for rest.Her husband and her children may need her there!See how well adapted to the task are their slender, supple fingers?Italy also presents its evidence.Nobody brought her roses.

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It was the foreman who called my attention to the machines.It was more than they were equal to under ordinary circumstances.Women before had to push their way in.Fall in line, Mrs.In the turning of the shell body, the actual output by girls with the same machines and working under exactly the same conditions, and for an equal number of hours, is quite double that of trained mechanics.And other similar supper tables all over the United States were facing it too.

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She ought not even to be permitted to get tired!Could you expect any competent workingman to cook his own dinner?Because at the laundry she has no lifting of any kind to do and no backbreaking scrubbing over a washboard.Black be expected to cook hers?Trade unions may even admit her as a comrade, not yet but soon.And this war may not be as bad for you as you think.

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And women wheeled shells in a munitions factory for 12 shillings a week, for which a man was paid 25 shillings.It was a response returned from Northumberland to Wales.And then he smiled.But you see, that was because no man knew how hardwas domestic labour: he had never done it.We stopped to look at one of them.Black is at the factory where she is making 30 shillings a week.

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See, oh, see the girl who drills 1000 holes an hour, where the man drilled 500!In all countries the largest number of women are employed in two occupations, in agriculture and in munitions.Government always inquires when the woman factory inspector returns from a trip.This year there was only one family, the mother of which was ill, that needed boots!Nevertheless the new wage envelope is not so ladylike as it used to be.She was still wiping them on her gingham apron as she talked.

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Already woman wins this victory in the Great War.But they are waiting to see.And organised labour in land after land has begun to sign up its endorsement.England stopping at the factories.There is a staff of competent architects who were first called in that there might be provided a placein which to eat the carefully prepared meals.He was a lot more awkward about it than he is about facing a fusillade of German gunfire.Her country wants her to.

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The new woman in industry, her country is going to keep right on needing in industry!Factory work, under fitting conditions may be so beneficial to women that it may lead to permanent benefit to the race.It will plainly be uneconomical to allow this damage to be done.But we at least know with too, too terrible certainty, that the jobs to which no man will ever return from the front, now number millions andmillions.See the slender, supple fingers so well adapted to, we will say, gauging.So you see why Mrs.Besides, she was just now facing a new anxiety.

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The place that is being made for Mrs.Because the women like it.Children with shoes on their feet, you know.And her employer is going to need her!We do it every day.Last night after Mrs.Let us look at the advance columns over on the other side.

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Do you know what she said?This is no fairy tale.Here and here and here we shall never again employ men because we cannot afford to.It is a necessary but temporary expedient.It is a government agreement.

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Teach the woman how.The chain just shimmered once through her fingers.It was in a factory on the banks of the Seine that I noticed another thoughtful attention.There has begun, like this, the greatest making over of all!Every week of this ghastly war, there is more and more room made at the top for women!And she was at home in bed for two days away from the lathe.

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Black had a maiden aunt who could be hired to take care of the children.The chemical industries have trucks for transporting the heavy carboys.Thus they avoid the rush hour and the congestion on the trains.Now for the first time it was here for the Lewis family.Often you remodel the whole house.France, Italy, Russia all have similar battalions.Apparently one controversy is now at rest: Woman knows enough for all of these things that she has been permitted to do.

The flowers are renewed each morning.Industry cannot afford to let the women go.Prosperity is fairly gilding over every district in which a munitions plant has arisen.Black must not be allowed to be ill!But an employer working women longer should be liable to arrest!England or France or anywhere else to be working for too little pay to buy a good breakfast!Three generations of employment had not yet sufficed to efface the impression from the minds even of most young girls themselves who went out to earn their living that it was only a temporary expedient until they could marry and be supported ever after.

London has 2000 women omnibus conductors with the wage formerly paid to men, 38 shillings a week.Lewis had to keep him herself.Among the trade unions that have already stipulated equal pay for equal work for women doing war work in their craft are these: Engineering, cotton, woollen and worsted, china and earthenware, bleaching and dyeing, furniture and woodwork, hosiery manufacturing and the National Union of Railwaymen.Gentlemen, pass her a cup of cocoa or hot milk in the morning at half past ten.Every facility for first aid for the housekeeping the woman in industry has left behind her, is being arranged.And every little while they pull out from their pocket a soiled scrap of paper to look contemplatively at it.Convention at Memphis, Tenn.

It would seem to us as men a simple thing.There were lines of women applying for Poor Relief.It is necessary to remove the obstacles to the larger employment of women.Even if she has to have them to buy a new ribbon for her hat why, she will go without her bacon to get it!Now it is our field.Care on the part of employers to secure the welfare of women brought in to take the place of men in the present emergency will greatly increase the probability of their employment proving successful.

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And at night, the family will have supper together, which Mr.But at any rate now from all I have heard, they appear to have solved the difficulties.You are She for whom the ages have waited.Every time he was passed over to the eldest little girl, he cried.If she is engaged on a rush order, the tea may be passed to her in the workroom.The Government has said the women will go home.In the East End, families are celebrating meat days that were never known before the war.

And this war has somehow brought about the most undreamed of readjustments.The way, it is true, is still a little steep and difficult.England had last spring 150, 000 women at work in the fields and was in process of enrolling 100, 000 more.Two wage envelopes are better than one.Purple signifies justice and dignity.At least her message to the Government has been carried right to the War Office by the feminists in all lands.

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Black and her contemporaries is everywhere in the first instance at least, being arranged through Government intervention.They are to be counted now by the hundreds of thousands.The average wage for women in industry in England, it was found, had been 11 shillings a week: in the textile trade, before the war the best paid trade in the land, the weekly wage was 15 shillings 15 pence a week.Government when it invited Mrs.So strong was this sentiment that it even threatened to crystallise on the statute books.And she worked ineffectually and inefficiently at several highly skilled occupations: child rearing and sewing and cooking and baking and laundry work and, occasionally, nursing.

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When the employés of a factory live at a distance involving a journey to and from work by trolley or train, it is permitted for the women to arrive fifteen minutes later in the morning and to stop work at night fifteen minutes earlier than the men.The message that went up to the Government House asking equal pay for equal work is one of the most significant measures in the new woman movement.Proper meals for the workers is, indeed, an indispensable condition for the maintenance of output on which our righting forces depend, not only for victory, but for their very lives.And it has swept aside to the scrapheap of ancient prejudice all the other reasons against the industrial employment of women.Oh, I know the sociologists used to talkabout the factory as so unhealthful for a woman.Woman, back to your kitchen!

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Black attempting to be a carpenter and a tailor and a plumber and a gardener and a whole lot of other useful trades all in one.Are there heavy weights to be lifted?And there are seven children to feed.How far are the women going?And it is true, he has that agreement.

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The interior should present a clean and cheerful appearance.Altogether we know that they number in the millions although we have not the exact returns from every country.Store in London are the prettiest things you will find out of a chorus.Why, yes, the lady should have a new dress.Then we called at some of the little cottages where live the women who work at this laundry.

Marie, on my right, I noticed, paid for her dinner, 1 franc fifty.There are women on the other side could tell you.And when the call to the colours came, it was to Mr.We have decided to erect a large theatre as a cinema and concert hall.The day belongs to all groups collectively everywhere.

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The Detroit Taxicab and Transfer Company have women operating their electric taxicabs at the wages formerly paid to men.And do you know that Mrs.English Government being sorry about it?At one of these industrial canteens at a factory in the suburbs of Paris, I sat down to dinner with 600 working people.Whether they need to work or not, they should work, because it will make them happier and give them a sense of satisfaction as nothing else in the world can under present circumstances.No man we were ever able to employ, ever did more than 500 holes an hour, and we had to pay him 75 centimes.

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So it happened that, figuratively speaking, the baby was passed to Parliament.The matter was investigated.At any time, if she so much as appears pale, the doctor is right there to take her pulse.It is desirable that the lifting and carrying of heavy weights and all sudden violent or physically unsuitable movements in the operation of machines should so far as practicable be avoided.Her case was not at all unique.With every year of the war there are more and more vacant places.The Ministry has spent a veryconsiderable amount of time in going into this matter.

So they have organised for her dramatic entertainments and choral classes and they are even teaching her to dance.You see how scientifically the woman in industry is handled?Put it on quickly.We had them made in America since the war.Catt is even now politically campaigning for them.In every warring country there are women of the working classes who have found it.

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Now, if after the war, she prefers to stay in engineering or some other trade, why should Mr.France followed with a declaration for equal pay for piece work for women.Every government summoning its women in industry has sooner or later faced the request.It is a government order which is obligatory for factories where she is employed on specially fatiguing processes.And you ought tosee Mrs.He led me to the side of a girl who was drilling holes in brass.

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The Government spoke sternly of its power under martial law.This new garment they are handing you has the pocket in it for a pay envelope.And for the Government, there was Mrs.Even the German brewers have come to equal pay for women.White represents purity, albeit a controversial concept.Why was it never thought of before?Yes, you are to have one.

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When standing is absolutely unavoidable, the hours and spells of employment should be proportionately short, and seats should be available for use during the brief pauses that occasionally occur while waiting for material or the adjustment of a tool.Only there is no draft or conscription necessary.Black thinks you might as well live in the sunshine and have it, now you can.But no one would understand and you never could adequately explain.They have to start the machine, to feed it, and control it, and stop it.Women have shown themselves capable of successfully replacing the stronger sex in practically every calling.No, there are none of her family nor his that want to adopt any of them as war work.

Now, in addition to this 27 shillings a week, which in itself is 5 shillings more than the family ever had before, Mrs.The insurance actuary attributed the improved health to the better food and better clothing the members were now able to buy through the wages they were receiving in the munitions factories.Girl lift operators in London still get 18 shillings a week on the same elevator for which men were paid 23 shillings.The industrial canteen can cook better and cheaper for him and Mrs.Table and cookery equipment can be installed at a rate for 1, 000 employés of 30 shillings, 500 employés 32 shillings, and 100 employés 47 shillings per head.

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You can see the bottom of the coal bin.Fortunately the carpenters were still around.Exemption Board to release your husband.Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Munitions has exercised over the many thousands of the daughters of Eve who look to him as their protector.By 1916 England had enrolled in industry 4, 086, 000 women and Germany 4, 793, 472 of whom 866, 000 in England and 1, 387, 318 in Germany had never before been gainfully employed outside their own homes.At last she has those mysterious expenses, even as a man!But thousands of British working class families were accustomed to living on such a wage.

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Sylvia Pankhurst, feminist, led another which served as it were as a postscript to the first: it is in a postscript, you know, that a woman always put the really important thing she has to say.There is a public hall, a club, a chapel, a restaurant and a hospital.Gender parity will not be attained for almost a century.There shall be special tools made.And there is going to be a world to be rebuilded!Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.You see how easily it has all been brought about now, when every one, instead of putting their heads together on How can we keep the women out, is planning eagerly, How can we get the women in.

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And it was before the experts began to gather data on howunhealthful is the home.Black, I believe as a matter of fact, did have a headache one morning.This is unscriptural and your habits of marriage and maternity will interfere with shop routine.In England, after Mrs.There can be little doubt that the high wages and the better food they have been able to enjoy in consequence, have done much to bring about this result.Really, Alice in Wonderland met with no more amazing surprises than has Mrs.

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Where female labour is either underpaid or is obviously superior to male labour, a special inducement offers itself to employers to retain the women.Industry has been made over to adapt it to maternity!Remarks of protest on the part of the recipient were customarily met with irritation or derision: Wages?Very well, then, teach the women a part of your trade at a time, a process in which instruction can be given in the shortest length of time.English factory that recently put up a whole village of wooden houses for women employés, 700 of whom are provided with board and lodging at 14 shillings a week.

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So that your man coming back from the front when the war is won, may fall in love with you all over again.It is a scientific intensive study of the housewife, who is at last to be tabulated and indexed, just like any other labourer.For the first time in history, the woman movement is underwritten by Government.Then, of course, there were the dishes to wash.But they have been much oversung.And I know the world is going to be very much surprised about it.There is Henrietta Boardman.

And, oh, well, what if it is gilt?You who have been toiling for your board and the clothes you could get after the rest of the family had theirs, are now a labourer worthy of hire.Nothing like it in men.The rent is paid one month ahead.TheTrade Unions, when asked, had said it would be a great tax on the physique of men.Sometimes only a lever has to be shortened.Lewis: Every Saturday night there is going to be money in your own pocket.

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The paper crackled in the silent room while she untied the string.Meanwhile the walls of Paris began to flame out with a great red and black poster that Gabrielle Duchene was putting up.Watch the skilled workman himself do the rest!In 1915 alone, they made 13, 445 visits.It is indelibly recorded in the human constitution.And the women who are called, are coming!

There is a great High Court of the Ages in which man may propose the regulation of the Universe, but God Himself disposes.In the boring of shells the output is also quite double, and in the curving, waving and finishing of shell bases, quite 120 per cent.Nobody counted her food calories.The situation adjusts itself.RIGHT THIS WAY, LADIES, INTO INDUSTRYMrs.And that soiled scrap of paper will be, after all, only a scrap of paper in the great whirlwind of economic law that bloweth where it listeth.Not every woman like Mrs.

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Are you going to keep women after the war?THE NEW IMPROVED HOMEOh, can there be any one who would still wish to take away the new wage envelope?Every nation must enlist all of its resources if it is to hold its own in the international markets of the future.Lewis, and get measured for yournew uniform.Often a simple appliance or the alteration of a movement modifies an objectionable feature when it does not altogether remove it.You selected, of course, what you wished to pay for.

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Well, the Government has issued a variety of patterns, some of course, for a much less expensive outfit than this.The costume it is most desired to introduce is the khaki trousers with the tunic and a round cap, because it is really a protection for the workers against the revolving machinery.She must be able to distinguish just the right shade for its perfection.Governments have now enunciated the principle, have adopted it in practice and have recommended its justice to the private employer.And the woman will go home again.The famous uses of adversity are various.EASY ENOUGH TO ARRANGELike that you see, it is done.

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She can send the wash to the laundry, and the baby will be at the crèche for the day, and the children will have dinner at school.My check came to two francs.Petrograd to Berlin and Paris and London and now New York.The Blacks had to.And the English Government paid for the bands.

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Governments already have started the fire in the new cookstove in the communal kitchen which England has set up in London and Germany in Berlin, because Ministries of Food havedecided food can be more scientifically and efficiently cooked there than in the homes of the working people.Black got her feet wet going to work in the morning.Pankhurst smashed windows for them.In every warring country working women are shopping, shopping, shopping, as they never shopped before.Do you know of any reason why she should wish to go back?

Also any factory employing over 20 women is required at regular intervals to fill out a questionnaire concerning the environment and conditions of its employés, and this record is kept on file at the Home Office.Then no one really expects the new woman in industry to go home after the war.There you have an excellent comparative view of the outlook for women in the most desirable occupations.The pottery and brick trades have trolleys.The supply of women can be frequently increased by adaptation of the conditions of employment to local circumstances.

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Well, the first winter had not passed before it was demonstrated that Mrs.Yes, one thing more: Parliament, please hold the baby!And they work for 50 centimes an hour, where we should have to pay men 80.It was before the war that the great feminist, Olive Shreiner, wrote her book which has been called theBible of the woman movement.Immediate attention might prevent a serious illness.At last he began to.Is it some fête day?

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FACTORY WORK EASY COMPARED WITH KITCHEN WORKThere is now a most interesting investigation under way in London.Parliament made for the woman in industry!Her coming was in the first instance heralded in England, actually heralded with a flourish of trumpets.Nobody taught her to dance.It isquite probable the results may prove that the stretching motions involved in such domestic tasks as thewashing of heavy sheets and blankets are more harmful than the stretching motions of the shop assistant or the vibrations which certain engineering employés meet in their work.She took me to Acton, which is the district where the washing is done for the great city.

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Santa Claus came at Christmas with a graphophone.That seems appallingly little from our point of view.There is a staff of great chemists in government laboratories who arrange the menus just mentioned,which are really formulas for efficiency.Probably much broken time and illness result from this cause.There are rows and rows of the capstan lathes and down each alleyway, as the space between them is called, there are lines of women like Mrs.Why, if the munitions output fell off this afternoon, the whole English Parliament might rise to demand Mrs.

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That skilled workman, cap in hand, going down the steps of the Government House, met Gabrielle Duchene coming up.And there have been.How many millions of men have been drafted from industry into the awful battalions of death, no government says.Every safeguard must be adopted for its protection.It was a disturbing interrogation.At house after house it was this, that Monday at home was her hardest day of the week.

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The lady will pay for her own dinner and other things besides.London were in receipt of poor relief in September, 1915, than in 1903, the previous most prosperous year known to the Board of Trade.Thousands of women in munitions in England are making 30 shillings a week.Resolved that we endorse the movement to obtain from all governments at the time of the signature of the Treaty of Peace, the establishment of an international agreement embodying the principle of equal pay for equal work regardless of sex.You see she had been going around like this with the heavy baby all day while she baked, and there were the three meals to cook.

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Hardwick Row and bought the gold chain and the locket Mrs.Day is not country, group, nor organization specific.Hitherto for America the war had been over in Europe.There used to be employed in this shop, 1, 500 men and the man power has been now so diluted, that there are 200 men and 1, 300 women.After the men that are dead, there are millions more, the maimed, the halt and the blind, for whom women must work for at least a generation after the fight is finished.Heretofore there were all the reasons in the world why a woman should not work outside her own home.For a large class of workers, home meals are hurried and, especially for women, too often consist of white bread and boiled tea.

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And from challenge comes change.There are probably more laundries here than in any similar area in the world.In the shop she has learned to do one thing very well indeed.Black is given a careful medical examination when she first presents herself for employment.That procession of 40, 000 women that Mrs.And they have hurried all over Europe.The efficiency experts were summoned all over Europe.

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Then she put the clothes to soak in the tub over night.Black never had any special training for cooking, as she now has for engineering.After that, she is looked over at regular intervals.Lewis was drafted last week.We can give many women work to do to occupy part of their time.

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Black got her aunt to come in to look after the children and, hanging up her gingham apron, walked out of the kitchen.According to the World Economic Forum, sadly none of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children.Health of Munition Workers Committee, appointed by Mr.What I am concerned about is only the delivery of the dozen.That was the little sum the feminist set labour to work out the answer to.Only nobody ever noticed it before!But it is most advisable that she go to the canteen for it and have a brief period of inactivity in an easy chair in the adjoining rest room.

It was one of the most significant decisions of all time since the day of the Cave Woman, that morning when Mrs.But they do not yet know how to take the machine apart or to fix it if anything breaks.Fat, protein and carbohydrates have been carefully proportioned to produce the requisite calories of energy for a maximum output.But it will take so long to learn my trade, five years, six years, seven years.The French women in the munitions factories wear on their left sleeve an armlet with an embroidered insignia, a bursting bomb, which says the same thing.There were districts in Germany and in the North of England where they talked about passing a law against the employment of the married woman.In France they are backing Mme.

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The effective maintenance of ventilation is a matter of increasing importance, because of the large number of womenemployed, and women are especially susceptible to the effects of defective ventilation.Then they sent a special commission over to see what women were accomplishing in French factories.And she had been up with the baby a good deal anyhow the night before.She had something like a sixteen hour day with no laws against overtime.She put the pinch of tea in the pot and set it steeping.Why, everybody knows that he could have been master of none!Government solicitude in England for the new woman in industry resulted in 1916 in a new act for the statute books under which the Home Office is given wide powers to arrange for her comfort.

Day has occurred for well over a century with the first gathering held in 1911.Home Office has specifically pointed out are not good enough on which to produce shells.Given two more years of war and we can build a battleship from keel to aërial in all its complex detail and ready for trial, entirely by woman labour.EVEN THEY DESIGN HER CLOTHESSo the Ministry of Munitions took the matter up and summoned the designers.Oh, gentlemen, after all, why should she go home?Why in thunder, then, should Mrs.But, well, as an emergency measure, and for the duration of the war only, Union rules would be suspended to permit of overtime.

Welfare supervisors reported that while Mrs.But I think that Mr.You see, it has always been so difficult for us to learn.When her husband came in from the shop and hung up his hat and she had dished up the potatoes and the family sat down to the evening meal, there was just one subject of conversation.Some 3000 of her were asked about it through a questionnaire recently sent out in England.

You are going to be mobilised for the army of industry as your husband for the other army.In England at the great Woolwich Arsenal, Mrs.But the tools that Henrietta Boardman tempers are lasting sometimes all night!Anthony pioneered for them.Lloyd George was the first man to see it.

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Lewis, are you ready?The headache was investigated by the Factory Inspector.We on this side of the Atlantic are now beginning to find out.The employés, he told me, number 1000 and of these about 34 are women.More and more of these are places high up and higher up.

Very likely they may once have been so.Hotel Regina in the Rue de Rivoli.Company at Sharon, Pa.Lewis, are to enter in.And, even if he has to have them to buy a cigar or a drink?Then what will become of the labour of men?

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Now that must not happen.We are willing to work for a fair wage!Now, it may not particularly interest you that you are like this, a phenomenon of the 20th century, but there are plainer terms that I am sure you will understand.She shall have the nicest hook that they can find to hang her hat on.Oh, there are things that gold chains are good for more than show.

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And her output of munitions fell off.Saturday half holidays in the kitchen.At about four in the afternoon, she should pause for rest and a cup of tea.Fundamental requirements are a plentiful supply of hot and cold water, soap, nail brushes, and for each worker an individual towel at least 2 feet square, to be renewed daily.They should afford facilities for changing clothing and boots and for drying wet outdoor clothes in bad weather.Pressed Steel Car Company has 100 girls building artillery cars for use on the French front.

But he only grinned.Then fortunately about this time the world came to 1914 and the revolution of all established thought.EVERY ATTENTION FOR THE WOMAN WHO WORKSAll of this reconstruction was rapidly going on when one day it rained and Mrs.And she fried the ham.Day website is to support the supporters, and in doing so it provides a platform to help forge positive change for women.So the building plans were enlarged to include a hospital.And about this time the skilled workman, discovering that the lady was getting a hearing, came breathlessly running back to interpolate that men had to be paid more because they knew more.

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Is there anything more the working lady needs?It has now been written into the records that cannot be gainsaid.In her nervous dread of the charity that she sees coming, she slaps the children twice as often as she used to and the baby cries all day.All the twenty pounds of him rested heavily on her slender left arm while she went about the kitchen getting supper.Economic independence, the political economists call it, as they take their pen in hand to make note of the long lines of you going into industry, later to write their deductions into scientific treatises about you.See them arriving at the entrance gate.And I am not surprised to learn that the Insurance Department of the English Government has recently discovered that the greatest percentage of illness among women occurs among domestic workers.

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And to employers governments have said: Hire women in their places.In France the gallant governmentalmost sees her home from work, at least they make sure of her safety in getting there.

See Also: Vartum Gq Is The Hottest Tracy Dating Site