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The nostalgic those were the days is attested by 1907.Trey wants Cals to investigate, and Cal, against his better judgment and inclinations, does, with powerful repercussions.It was atmospheric, I have to give it that.

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OK but not all that engaging.Semites smashing store windows, burning synagogues, and killing Jews.Sullivan Island in SC, reachable only by boat.Not one of her better plots, though the method of murder is unique.Naturally, there is a lot of talk of killing and gutting animals.The problem is that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.Funny, nicely written, with some Briticisms of the 1930s that may sound quaint or be opaque to the modern American reader but which add to the stylish tone of the book.

ladies day 2021 haydock

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Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, crime fiction set in Iceland.Her stories are otherwordly, sometimes gruesome, sometimes just horrific.For a bookgroup, along with Hillbilly Elegy.Rebecka in the situation she did in the last action scene angered me and seemed totally unnecessary.Val McDermid, 2nd in the DCI Karen Pirie series, set in Scotland.

ladies day 2021 haydock

Oskar Rheinhardt of the security service.One of the very sad aspects of resentment is that it breeds more of itself.Anything could happen here.Beau Nash costume, complete with black wig.Her whisper, due to a botched operation, alienates her from most people.Elena is with Nino, and she becomes pregnant with their daughter, Imma, while Lila becomes pregnant with Enzo with their daughter Tina.The novel is told in the first person by Rick in retrospect, which is perhaps what gives it such a flat quality, almost journalistic.

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Toby is involved in a dodgy scheme at the art gallery where he works, then is attacked at home and winds up recuperating from the attack at Ivy House, where his Uncle Hugo lives and where Toby and his cousins, Susanna and Leon, who are more like siblings to Toby, spent summers together growing up.This turns out to mean mingling with the glitterati of the Beau Nash Society.President Salvador Allende and come to power, and Victor and Roser are forced to flee to Venezuela.This one is set in London in the 1920s, beginning when a panicked young woman, Jennie, runs into the coffee shop in which Poirot is dining.Fay and Laurel are counterpoints to each other in some way, some of the women in town are like a Greek chorus, and the book seems to explore the realms and limits of empathy and compassion.Here, with the women in their 20s and 30s, Elena marries, has children, publishes a book that is provocative and makes her a bit famous and then struggles with her writing and in her marriage.

ladies day 2021 haydock

Henrietta Mallin from Sussex.Schweblin is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lives now in Berlin.Novel, read for bookgroup.Inspector Wade and his team as they investigate the other players and crew.Irish country manor house, and while the Archbishop hushes it up in the press, Strafford and Jenkins investigate the Osbornes and others, as snow piles up and makes driving treacherous.Pirie is also under fire from her new boss, Asst.

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The signs of the Zodiac decorated the walls, and along the aisles were stationed at intervals some remarkable examples of modern sculpture.The Fraying of America.Lueger, like Mahler and Freud, was a real person; he established the Austrian Christian Social Party, kept Jews from serving in his administration, and Hitler viewed him as an inspiration.Vassily Conducis his silent partner.Kentucky as part of this relocation program, Herman quits and goes to work hauling fruit and veg for his brother, Monty, so they can stay in Newark.

ladies day 2021 haydock

The owner has left journals and herbal recipes, which Edna is trying out, and after her handyman Tom has some of her homemade tea and dies, Edna is suspected in his death.Alleyns take her to the chateau, where an eminent surgeon, known to be working with the drug ring, operates.Throughout his time in NYC, he is preoccupied with whether the ducks in the Central Park lagoon migrate in winter; people react oddly when he asks them.Ari Thór Arason, set in the tiny town of Siglufjörður, Iceland.Her concentration on the gutter side of life is unpleasant.

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Metropol Hotel in Moscow and threatened with death if he steps outside it.Cheek by jowl with these, in gloomy astonishment, were ranged a number of figures whom Nigel supposed must represent the more robust gods and goddesses of Nordic legend.Mayang Straits, Luke Fitzwilliam, meets Lavinia Fullerton, an old lady, on a train into London.He uttered generalizations of bewildering stupidity, assumed an air of huffiness, floundered into deep water, and remained there, blowing like a grampus.Understandably, the culprit was anxious to remove his blemish.

The plot is simple, and fairly common in fiction, the writing serviceable, the few main characters not quite relatable, a bit wooden.An Inspector Ann Lindell crime novel, set in Uppsala, Sweden.The Precarious Masculinity of 2016 Voters: Several recent surveys suggest that when men feel persecuted, they turn to Donald Trump for affirmation, The Atlantic, Oct.Allie, and some memories he shares with the reader, including about a classmate who jumps to his death after being bullied.The supposed persecutors have now become the persecuted.Ngaio Marsh, 15th in the Inspector Alleyn series.

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Both women become involved in the politics of the time, and this book focuses on social activism, feminism, socialism, the rights of the worker.He became incoherent, and defensively mysterious.Both stories are interesting but there are unresolved questions at the end, I thought.The characters and their intimate lives interested me.Louise Penny, 14th in the Gamache series.

James series set in London.Bertrams, and their four children when she is ten years old.Provided inspiration and discussion for my permaculture group in the middle of a northern New England winter.Philadelphia once owned by wealthy Dutch family.On the same day that Alan Banks attends the funeral of his first true love, Emily, several members of a wedding party are shot and killed or critically wounded by a sniper.

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Very readable but not as engaging as some.Val McDermid, in the DCI Karen Pirie series set in Edinburgh, Scotland.Laura Sims were not nearly as satisfying as the hype.Suzanne Young, a cozy mystery set in coastal Rhode Island, first in the Edna Davies series.Gemma, but whatever it was it worked for me.

Salem, MA; and more.Montreal detective, and now private investigator Andrew Ryan, flies in for a quick visit but is a small part of the story this time.When Inspector Narracott arrests Jim Pearson, his girlfriend Emily Trefusis seeks to exonerate him by finding the real murderer.Gothenberg to help find the missing children, but their investigation widens as they learn more.Ngaio Marsh, 6th in the Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Detective Roderick Alleyn series.Frozen like a deer, your mind starts silently punching in your first phone number, still so easy to remember some 30 years later.The choice is always, painfully yours.

James, four short stories.Trump supporters to get a sense for the high level of resentment they feel.Meanwhile, a cantankerous old farmer has died of a shotgun wound through the jaw, and a young woman is found dead after a fall from a roof during a party.Vicki Delany, the first in the Tea By the Sea mystery series.And if you smoke, stop!Peter Lovesey, the 9th in the Peter Diamond series, set in Bath, England.The neighbours are stunned and dismayed; they gather around their radios each evening to listen to gossip columnist Walter Winchell speak against Lindbergh and fascism.

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Irish Detective Garda Strafford and the younger princess, Margaret.The narrator, Jess, is a young college student in England, naive and obsessive, as many are at that age, open to the charm of liars, pretenders, and manipulators.Welcome to day 6 of 31 Days of Heterotopias: Motels and Hotels, a month of posts about how motels, hotels, and inns function as heterotopias and liminal spaces in society.Cape Cod, in a fictional town near Truro.Besides musing on solitude and loneliness, she talks about writing, community, the self, art, winter, planning and serendipity, among others.

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Maurice Questing, a businessman staying there.Kate Flora, 6th in the Thea Kozak series.During a Christmas performance in which a guest is to dress up like a Druid and give out Christmas gifts to local children to much fanfare, a manservant named Moult goes missing.DI Adam Fawley series.Ivy herself is impetuous, poetic, sometimes naive and sometimes insightful.Ari Thór Arason, new to the tiny town of Siglufjörður, a small fishing village on the northern coast of Iceland, near the Arctic Circle.

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Sophia and her grandmother spend the summer in exploration, conversation, pretending, accommodating each other, having a real relationship in a real place.Peter Lovesey, one of the two Henrietta Mallin crime novels, though she only comes in to it about halfway through.Read for my permaculture discussion group.Ngaio Marsh, 27th in the Inspector Alleyn series, back in England.Whipplestone is recently ensconced in Capricorn Mews, along with stray cat Lucy Lockett, who has a penchant for porcelain white fish.

FBI there with a blanket search warrant.Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, a thriller with police procedural elements.Alleyn is called in to help the local constabulary find him.Anyone who likes boarding school mysteries will like this one, tightly plotted, with a chilling and frenzied climax.The company of strangers is the only home you care to know.None is a whodunit, most are sort of murder retrospectives.

Ragna Riegel is a lonely woman who works as a shop clerk and whose primary happiness is derived from the scantest postcards and Christmas cards from her only son, Rikard Josef, living in Berlin and apparently running an upscale hotel.What do you do, said MiMi, if to be free you demolish everything around you?By the Sword by Selwyn Jepson was my favourite.But the other characters, including victims and the other potential perpetrators, are cardboard; I never felt anything one way or the other about them, which lessened my interest in the plot.Extremely prosaic writing, as usual, which may be the translation; and I noticed a lot of mundane description of rooms, clothing, and meals featuring wild game.

Lots of clues lead to a satisfying ending.Eventually Hen and Stella are called in to help.Ngaio Marsh, 23rd in the Inspector Alleyn series.The vampirist is back, meeting women at bars through Tinder and then ambushing in their homes and killing them in gruesome ways.IMO, have significantly more depth and complexity of character development.Septimus, unplanned when she outlined the novel, acts as a sort of double for Mrs.Useful photos and charts, too.

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California and Arizona backroads, through Mojave, Death Valley, various deserts, where she occasionally spends a night or two alone in a motel.Crime fiction, sort of, set in the 1957 seaside town of Brighton, England.Complex and engaging plot.Come back before dark.Another theatre mystery, this one from the point of view of a young, aspiring actress, Martyn Tarne, who hails from New Zealand and is in London auditioning with no luck.In light of the message of Jesus, we have an obligation to have special moral concern for victimsas victims.

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Val McDermid, the first in the DCI Karen Pirie series set in and near Fife, Scotland, and, in this novel, partially in Tuscany, Italy.Raoul, enact schemes to catch the bad guys.As always, my reading is limited each month by being able to find books I really want to read.Jess writes in her journal and dissects every email, conversation, look, and gesture, trying to make sense of relationships, betrayals, and the consequences of her own actions.The question that interests Allende is to what extent love awakens the feelings that make us human even as war and exile work to destroy them.

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Harbinder and Clare evolve from distrusting and disliking each other to cautiously sharing information and seeking each other out.Naples community in the 1950s, as Lena and Lila grow up together from about age 8 to age 18, as friends, as competitors, and as models for each other in school, in love, in life.Pure luck I read this one after The House Sitter, which it apparently follows on and references.Looking forward to the next in the series.White Mountains of New Hampshire.Fair amount of explicit sex in this book, most of it casual, some of it fun, some of it simply necessary to achieve a goal.

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Then a note addressed directly to Clare suddenly and unsettlingly appears in her own diary.Syrian refugees that Karen meets on her nocturnal wanderings.Peter Diamond series, set mostly in Bath, England.The Giradian point is that just about everyone and every group in our culture sees the benefit of claiming to be seen as a victim, even while diligently accusing the other group of playing the victim card.Also, I figured out a key piece of the solution fairly early in the plot, even before the murder.Kate Weinberg, a debut novel that I hoped would be more mysterious than it actually was.

TV, a trip to Malaga, Spain, to work with detectives there on the case, and Ann, almost 40, considering whether and how to continue her relationship with Edvard, who is living on the isolated island of Gräsö.This assessment makes a lot of sense to me.Instant victim status there.ATM robbery tucked into it.Animals Without Borders, and a quick trip to a Montana big game hunting ranch.Joining forces with reporter Kelly Pool, he gets involved with an outlaw motorcycle gang, the Crows, as well as local politicians, lawyers, accountants, real estate developers, and others whose professional façades hide their degenerate hearts.Sloane keeps herself very thin, through eating disorders, starvation, and compulsive exercise.

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Flossie Rubrick, a formidable member of New Zealand Parliament, disappears in 1942 after heading to the wool shed to rehearse a patriotic speech; three weeks later she turns up packed inside one of her own bales of wool.Recommended, especially for friends and family of people with cancer.Kincaid is in a serious car accident in which two other people are killed, including a famous London chef who, it appears, may have been dead before the accident.The fact of being the victim is true, but the narrative of why the victimization occurred, tied into to some group identity and moral status, is not.Yet it is meant to question, challenge, and subvert it, from within.There was something flimsy about this one for me.She slowly pieces together bits of the puzzle, running into deadends but learning a little more all the time.

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London and Kenya is a bit hard to follow and somehow not all that engaging.Miss Marple, her nephew the writer Raymond West, clergyman Dr.Alice and Chris have a good marriage, loving and trusting, but when Chris dies at age 35 of a car crash resulting from a brain aneurysm, on a road 100 miles away from where he should have been, Alice starts to question everything, quickly becoming obsessed with discovering why Chris was there and what other secrets he hid.Complex plotting, which frankly lost my interest a few times as one too many names was introduced.So begins a feisty friendship between Veronica and Stoker and a series of narrow escapes from whoever is hunting them.

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Ngaio Marsh, 7th in the Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Detective Roderick Alleyn series.There is a sense among his men and women that a single wrong move may be calamitous.Meanwhile, NYPD detectives Mike and Mercer, along with Alex, follow their own lines of investigation, which lead to the Bronx Zoo, the St.Agony Aunt column in a rag, uncooperative wealthy eccentrics, servants and lowly cops in trouble with their superiors, etc.Heterotopias and Liminal Spaces.

Democratic successors characterize the representatives of the other party.Grimes seems to be in a nostalgic mood as she references many of her other books in this series, and their past plots and past characters, while telling this tale.Meanwhile, Hulda is dealing with her own personal and work issues over these ten years.Educational consultant Thea is moments away from marrying Maine state homicide detective Andre Lemieux when he is kidnapped by a Maine militia group as a bartering tool for release of a political prisoner.Quantum physics plays a role in the story.The novel is very dark, with lots of drinking, a bit of drugs and sex, and much reminiscing, often in a harrowing way, about the past.Tangier, Morocco, Alice with her husband, John, and Lucy who has come to Tangier to find Alice.

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The experience of time in such a place, during such an event, intensifies, distorts, feels circular or exponential.Like, say, elections and government policies.Instead of Poirot throughout, a Mr.This one is set in the 1930s in England, mostly in a luxurious mansion.DI Adam Fawley series, suspenseful police procedurals set in Oxford.NOT in the Brennan series.

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Manchester, the measurement of gravity, the movie Casablanca, bits of philosophy from Aristotle to Montaigne to Hobbes to Locke, etc.When one of two nasty town busybodies is murdered while providing music on stage during an amateur production, Alleyn and Fox and team are called in.Clough comes back for a cameo, and a new recruit, Tony Zhang, is introduced.English village cozy, and it held my attention.Not a Poirot or Marple.Jo Nesbø, 11th in the Harry Hole series set in Norway, following immediately on the plot of Police, though taking place three years later.Irish or other lower classes.

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Alleyn is incognito as part of an expensive tour group, investigating international drug smuggling and sales.Kay Boyle recommended by Doris Grumbach, was no fun at all.Trump, rather than tamped down with calls for unity and candidate promises to work across the aisle for the good of all, as is usual.Salon, 17 Feb 2017; and Psychology explains how Trump won by making white men feel like victims.Written with a light touch, but sometimes darkly humourous, the novel references many real and difficult issues of growing old.PC, and none have made it the focus of their campaigns, except on the point of limiting immigration, which Trump has made so to speak his trump card.

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But it does not follow that those that are victimized have some special moral qualities or status by virtue of being victims.Neapolitan novels, this one set as much in Florence as in Naples.My favourites were those on lightning, skunks, beavers, and geology.The story is narrated from the alternating points of view of Liz, the former staffer, and Erin, who manages the chalet and acts as host to the group along with Danny, the chef.Jack Ford, is found dead on the beach at the bottom of a cliff on their property.Fascinating and definitely worth the read.The choice is always, painfully yours.

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The scenery is dramatic, but I prefer Alleyn throughout and in full police persona.Anna Burns, set in Ireland during the Troubles, was hard to get into but I ended up loving it, particularly for the diction and feel of the language.Mel Farrar, a jobbing violist, is offered a spot with the Staccati Quartet a few years after their previous violist went missing in Budapest, not long after the body of a young Japanese woman is found in a canal in the city where they had their last gig, Vienna, which, coincidentally, is where Peter Diamond and girlfriend Paloma are spending a vacation looking at locales from the film The Third Man.English high society crime fiction.Larsson, crime fiction set in northern Sweden, featuring Rebecka Martinsson and Kister Ericksson.Meanwhile, Trump has demonstrated both a strong desire to unify us against external enemies and a vanishingly slight grasp of diplomacy.

Iceland, in this book mainly in the Westfjords and in Elliðaey as well as Reykjavik.An ambitious investigative journalist, Bel Richmond, is also assisting the family in the second search.They should see you down.The last two star detective Adam Dalgliesh.So, it is clearly not the case that the heterotopia is seeking to replace the prevailing hegemony.Patricia Cornwell, in the Scarpetta series.

Peter Lovesey, the 2nd in the Peter Diamond series.They can see you down.But then this case is tied to a similar unsolved case years ago, when another young woman and child went missing, from a house behind this one, and things get exciting.Because we compete for the same goods and comforts, we need to sustain our competition with our rivals and maintain distance from them.Midsummer Eve in 1985 to the disappearance of a woman researching the same rituals in 2015 and the apparent suicide of a former policeman, who had been a colleague of Max Fjellanger, now a private investigator living in Florida.

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In this novel, recently bereaved DCI Pirie, head of the Historic Cases Unit, is working on several cases at once, two of them historical in nature and one, which she stumbles into, very current.Terry Lynne, manservant Markins, and wool workers Cliff Johns and his father.Paris and Caen in France, and across the Irish Sea into Northern Ireland and County Donegal, Ireland.There can be no victims without victimizers.Rose, enamored of Dr.

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Alexander McCall Smith, a Detective Varg novel.Nina who later has to leave her own child, Sophia, with the Count.Inis an Amplóra, and reunions of characters who knew each other formerly, so I liked this book, but some of the plotting and coincidence seems preposterous.Twitter feed knows that he feels victimized and persecuted by the media and certain celebrities.Thea Kozak series by Maine writer Kate Flora, after a break of several years.Excellent and villainously complex plotting, characters, and relationships, with interesting sidelights on ice science, the homeless community, therapy and hypnosis, etc.

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Pen Cuckoo in England, several hours from London.FBI records, medical records, criminal records, airline reservation databases, etc.Bloodhounds as not only unravelers of mysteries but perpetrators.All of those the detectives interrogate lie about something relevant to the crime, but which lies matter?All in all, a pleasant, undemanding read that gives a little flavour of 1950s New York.

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Eva Gates, 6th in the Lighthouse Library mystery series.Americans are less willing to move, to start new companies, or to live or work with people from different socioeconomic classes.Harry is a homicide detective with a personal interest in the current case, which seems tied to the crash that killed his parents and blinded his wife, Jenny, three years ago.Ngaio Marsh, 16th in the Inspector Alleyn series.Kate Flora, 7th in the Thea Kozak series.

My parents were pretty tolerant.Kate, her ruminations while her massage therapist Ellen is psychoanalysing her every physical symptom, her desire for real wild places instead of the managed parks she encounters.It was a world in which I enjoyed dwelling for a time.What could go wrong?Thea survives on so little sleep, much less manages to be persistently energetic, is pretty unbelievable.And there is that dual sense of possibility, of being anyone, doing anything next, because time is floating and place is layered and who I am is unclear, fragmented, divided.

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Dervla McTiernan, an Irish police procedural with a dash of suspense.American pharmaceutical company working on a promising drug for regenerating brain cells.Felt extremely disjointed to the point of nonsensical to me.Stage IV colon cancer diagnosis in 2015 and her journey before and after.Elena moves back to Naples, where the women live one floor apart.Martha Hall Kelly is a novel based on real people and real events, set from Sept.White Mountains or any wild place.

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Everyone else in my group loved it but I felt Kimmerer was trying too hard to sound poetic.Carline Darcy, heiress and granddaughter of billionaire John Darcy whose biotech lab operates on the college campus, where Carline also works.The tone is grim and sordid mixed with relentlessly optimistic dreams of grandeur.Her visit to the island, to make her announcement, leads to murder and mayhew, of course.NZ during the war.TV stations, hundreds of magazines, newspaper sections devoted to home decor and desires, decorators, stagers, massive industries and hours of time devoted to the project of creating and recreating the home, over and over?Chief Constable Ann Markie, who has personal reasons for undermining her at every step and who has saddled her with a spying detective sergeant.

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Glocks and other assault artillery, though her sarcasm may be her most deadly weapon and her wariness her best defense.Penelope Lively, a Booker Prize winning horticultural memoir.Defeating Quest for the American Dream and is on the interview circuit.Tavistock run by his mother, the family cemetery, and so on.Ngaio Marsh, 2nd in the Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Detective Roderick Alleyn series, again with reporter Nigel Bathgate as sidekick.Lars Kepler, in the Joona Linna and Saga Bauer series set in and around Stockholm, Sweden.This one is set on the campus of St.

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The Lamb, the local pub.Boca Shores Retirement Trailer Park, featuring lovable manic psychopath Serge and sidekick druggie Coleman.The novel is strictly speaking not crime fiction, except in the sense that the Encyclopedia Brown series is crime fiction.Meanwhile, Ari Thór has left his girlfriend behind in Reyjkavik and is interested in another woman in Siglufjörður.Peter Hansson, who used to live in the area and has returned to his birthright.She quickly realises that the school administration has not investigated the matter seriously and plans on scapegoating the accuser.

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Look at any major conflict in the world at the moment and the mechanism is clear enough.Patricia Cornwell, in the Scarpetta series.Another in the Manon Bradshaw series set in Cambridge, England.Swedish Foreign Minister in his house, the Security Police need his help.Becky Addy Woods in Wiltshire, with Diamond in mortal danger more than once.

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But to stop this getting completely out of hand, we unite with our rivals to identify the cause of the scarcity that makes us compete against each other, with some outside presence we can all agree to hate.Poirot and sidekick Captain Hastings arrive, Renauld is already dead, stabbed in the back with a special letter opener, and his wife has been bound with rope.Dulcie and Viola, are visiting.Lars Kepler, 5th in the Joona Linna series, set in Stockholm.The plot starts with Scarpetta and Marino at the home of a woman who seems to have fallen and died while trying to change a lightbulb; as their perceptions of that scene shifts, Scarpetta is also watching a video on her phone, shot in 1997 when Lucy was at FBI school in Quantico.Francis Duncan, a cozy Mordecai Tremaine mystery.His friend, Major John Burnaby, is worried and tromps to his house to check on him, finding him indeed dead.

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DI Annie Cabot series set in Eastvale, Yorkshire.Character development is strong here, too.Poirot an interesting story.The fun never really ends for this family.He prefers to rest on his laurels and was happy to let the criminals kill themselves while he and his men ate ice cream during the Middle Street Massacre of 1951.

TV or listening to current music.Diamond spends a lot of time with her at the school trying to communicate so he can return her to her family.The killer was not a surprise, though the motive was.Another artifact demonstrating a change in attitude: Science fiction written years ago was about how much better it would be in the future; now science fiction writing is mostly dystopian, envisioning a scary, chaotic, dark future.American black differs from being an American black person, a contrast she explores in her blog.Longminster and Norminster, England.

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What exactly is a heterotopia?End to reach it.Complicated and engaging plot.Wally near a hilltop spring and apparently rids him of his many warts overnight, the Island becomes a mecca for medical tourists who want healing and a boon to shop owners, the pub and inn landlord, the mayor, and even the doctor and the rector, all making much more money than ever before.There is some intrigue concerning jazz clubs, a Korean spice store, the hotel maid, and Darby herself.Benjamin Black, set in County Wexford, Ireland, in the 1950s.Rainbow Gathering held that year in Pocahontas County, WV, when they were shot and left on a dirt road, and about the various investigations of about 10 men and the two main trials of one suspect.

Satterthwaite, who enjoys observing people, is the head sleuth until Poirot finally takes over.Spa for a rest cure, she gets more rest than she bargains for.Kay Boyle, a work of modern fiction I saw recommended by Doris Grumbach in her Fifty Days of Solitude.Another sort of coincidence, I guess: like the previous Lovesey book I just read, out of order, this one is again about a literary circle, in this case fans of crime fiction.Kate from Norwich to Cambridge to teach at St.This one got too much hype.Trump and his supporters, White House press secretary Spicer, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, climate change deniers, gun rights advocates, the list is long.

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Newfangled crime tools like fingerprinting and lie detectors are just beginning to be used.Secret Service agents who know their main charges as Mastadon and Mockingbird, a flaming tanning bed, scads of giant Burmese pythons, charity balls for obscure diseases, and Angie Armstrong, a wildlife wrangler and former felon.Read for permaculture group.When the chair of the writing circle comes under suspicion, Bob and the others start to investigate each other as well as others on their own to find the real culprit, but the arson and killings continue.Like others, I found the writing a little better than average but the plot and relationships fell flat for me soon after the midway point, though I enjoyed the change of scenery to an Italian volcanic island.

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Bath, where, surprise, another Japanese woman is found dead in a canal.The five sons in this case are the Andersen brothers, sons of the irascible William Anderson, the town smithy and Fool.Peter Lovesey, 4th in the Peter Diamond series.DCI Richard Jury series, introducing us to Harry Johnson, who appears in later novels in the series.Their very embraces were masked in a chilly patina of good form.Ngaio Marsh, 14th in the Inspector Alleyn series.

Mike and Mercer will be working that case.Meanwhile, Peter has a female admirer.He is also very concerned with his country house and the minute details of its upkeep.This is the ur motel marker.Jury is called in to help and soon Plant is part of the team too, along with Sir Thomas Brownell, former head of the Metropolitan Police.Stoker and then is himself promptly murdered.

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Chapter by chapter annotations are online.Lords, Dukes, Duchesses, etc.Gardener, and the new medical practitioner at Greengages, Basil Schramm, to whom Sybil has become engaged and whom her best friend Verity Preston knew years ago, among other suspects.Strict economic resentment is not the whole story, though.Much more on this at The Heterotopic Art Institution, at Traces of the Real, by Hugh McCabe, August 2014.The quality of the stories, which are arranged in chronological order of publication from 1909 to 1965, varies fairly widely.Witchcraft is an element of both parts of the story.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, after being shot.After the Fool is killed during the dance, one of his sons accuses Mrs.Perhaps if you live in southern California this novel will resonate more for you than it did for me.Agave, Cranberry, Echinacea, Horsetail, Nettles, Panic Grass, Pine, Squash, Valerian, Wild Rice, Witch Hazel.French actor, is married.

Weighing all the factors, Herod decides that the Christ child must be destroyed, even if to do so innocents must be slaughtered.Trump embodies far more than he articulates resistance to the victimocracy.This one revolves around a string quartet, and anyone who enjoys classical music of the sort a string quartet plays will find a lot to appreciate in this book.Peter Lovesey, the 14th in the Peter Diamond series, set in Bath and Bristol, England.How do the protagonists survive the loss of their illusions and of their world?

Since the book is set from February to March 2020, there are a few hints of the burgeoning pandemic beginning about a quarter of the way into the book, as well as some minor speculation about the Brexit fallout.Ngaio Marsh, 21st in the Inspector Alleyn series.Helene Tursten, the third in the mildly police procedural Detective Inspector Embla Nyström series, set in Gothenburg, Sweden, and further north, near rural Dalsland and Bengtsfors.Still he perseveres, enjoying the challenge.Democratic politics from liberalism to progressivism, from focusing on the concerns of the working class to those of ascriptive minorities, involves a fundamental change from defending interests to seeking justice.Would be a good bookgroup read.Of course both women are connected to the estate to which Poirot and Catchpool are headed.

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Both Caroline Ferriday and Herta Oberheuser, as well as other concentration camp staff, were real people.Evelyn marries a collaborationist rabbi; they attend a fancy and highly publicised state dinner at the White House in honour of Nazi Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop.Life After Life was richer.Laroui is Moroccan and most of the stories are set there, with two in the Netherlands, one in Brussels.Trump voters offer a number of reasons for voting for him, at Deadspin, 3 Jan 2017.Pyke Period, a genteel old bachelor has regrettably opened his home to Harold Cartell and his dog, both somewhat disagreeable.

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Diamond follows and works with the NYPD to find Naomi.How do you avoid pain?The court cases against him for corrupting a minor and statutory rape ended in either acquittal or mistrial.In recent years, skewering the politically correct and the political correctness of those mocking political correctness has become a thriving journalistic enterprise.When she feels a conflict between obeying her contract to the community to be a detached observer and obeying her conscious as she becomes attached to her patient, how does she resolve it?

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Holland, a Victorian writer of Gothic novels, whose creepy short story The Stranger begins the book and is interleaved throughout; Clare is writing a biography of Holland.The Invention of Dry Swimming.This novel is a sort of mystery but really more a psychological novel about loss, betrayal, redemption, hope, community.Peter Lovesey, the 5th in the Peter Diamond series.He soon partners with quirky, insightful librarian and single mother Tirill Vesterli, and together they investigate, becoming convinced an ancient ritual is behind the violence.Janet Evanovich, in the Stephanie Plum, NJ bounty hunter, series.

Ngaio Marsh, 9th in the Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Detective Roderick Alleyn series, this one set on the Devon coast in Ottercombe.New York City, slowly losing her grip on reality.Age finds you in an instant.The second half reminded me strongly of The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley, which I read earlier this year: old friends with secrets reunited uneasily in a remote place with a creepy vibe.It works like this: If you want to move forward in the world, make progress for you and your tribe, further your ambitions, justify your immoral actions, grab a bigger piece of the pie, and elbow others away from the trough, simply present yourself and your tribe as victims.Ollie Tillman search for the killer or killers of some wealthy gang members with ties to Croatia.Michael Koryta, a thriller set partly in southern Maine and partly in a hospital in Massachusetts.

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Great War keeps intruding, especially in the form of Evans, his fallen comrade.The plot is creepy and harrowing, the murders planned, gory, and horrific, the psychological underpinnings of the killer and other characters interesting.Neapolitan novels, this one set almost entirely in Naples.Elly Griffiths, 10th in the Ruth Galloway series.Faustian book about good and evil, the bargains we make in our lives, how to evaluate what we envision or sense when it seems impossible, etc.Once the victim is identified and the information is widespread, the rage can be released.French Bulldog helping a shy whale who is struggling to belong and find her voice.

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DVD as well, so when I read it I saw the sets and actors.You got a lot of fat squirrels going to waste here.But the Cult of Victimization makes that project more difficult, because it weaponizes victimization and intermixes genuine victimization with dubious claims of moral righteousness.What could go wrong?Amsterdam old age home, colludes with several other oldies to form the Old But Not Dead Club dedicated to keeping life lively and worth living; the club members plan interesting outings and meals for each other, look in on each other, and resist the unexplained rules and regulations of the institution where they live.Luke, the detective working the Xavier Rayne case.My only quibble is that all the people interviewed live in either Australia, New Zealand, or California.

Ngaio Marsh, 5th in the Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Detective Roderick Alleyn series, this one set in New Zealand and without Nigel Bathgate.Ngaio Marsh, 26th in the Inspector Alleyn series, set in Rome.Marwand spends a lot of time either escaping the family compound or secretly listening in on the conversations of his parents and other adults.Japan in autumn and that reminded me of what matters.And also published as Murder at Hazelmoor.Meanwhile, Liebermann makes the moves on his heretofore friend, Amelia, who is more than ready for him to act.

Elisabeth Thomas, a debut novel.In this one, Wilmet Forsyth is a woman of leisure in her 30s whose marriage, without children, is somewhat staid and settled; her husband gives her cash on her birthdays and is indifferent to what she does with her days.Most of the book is narrated in the third person, with interspersed short diary entries written by Joyce.They are both big readers and laughers.Lynn Novick series, Vietnam is bubbling in our collective consciousness again.PC culture that many supporters find, variously, obnoxious, silly, undermining, blasphemous, threatening.

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Alex is back and immediately presented with a cold case of sexual abuse to a minor that has consequences for the present District Attorney bid now that Battaglia is gone.Christi Daughtery, 3rd in the Harper McClain series.May Sarton and Henri Nouwen.Ngaio Marsh, 24th in the Inspector Alleyn series.Whose version of the story is the true one?Ranger feature large as he does in this one.Babbington dies after drinking a cocktail at a party, opinion is divided on whether it was a natural death.

There was a little too much detail and repetition about the intricacies of the local drug ring for my taste so I skimmed some of that.When Cara Quayne, the latest Chosen Vessel, drops dead at the ceremony of cyanide poisoning, Bathgate is on the spot, his curiosity of a rainy evening taking him to the monthly service, and he calls Alleyn in to investigate.Tumblr page called Motel Register.Edith disappears from her house one night and weeks go by as they investigate various possibilities.Read out of order.Consciously or not, political leaders in a variety of contexts are reluctant to let go of an enemy who has become indispensable to their own stability.This year, Emma has planned the event for Loch Corrin, a pricey lodge in the remote Scottish Highland wilderness, but all does not go smoothly.

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Samantha Schweblin, a book of 20 short stories, each one creepy and strange.Peter Lovesey, the 10th in the Peter Diamond series, set mostly around Lansdown Hill in Bath and also a bit in Bristol, England.Margarita, for which I was thankful, but just as unaffecting for me.Evelyn is a woman in her late 30s, living in Los Angeles, unhappy in her marriage, unhappy in many ways, and trying to come to terms with her life and with death, loss, and grief.Police detectives Jeppe Korner and Anette Werner investigate the murder of a young woman on the first floor of a small apartment building, which they soon realise almost mimics the draft of a mystery novel written by the owner of the building, who is also the third floor tenant.

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Chaucer professor, with a Webley automatic revolver.Gemma is investigating the case of a young nanny found murdered in the gated communal garden of a posh Notting Hill housing development, while Kincaid, after his former boss is brutally attacked moments after a clandestine meeting with Kincaid, is following through on his suspicions about corruption in the police force dating back 20 or more years.Mark, Nick and his boyfriend Bo, and married couple Giles and Samira along with their infant Priya make up the group.Peter Lovesey, the 16th in the Peter Diamond series, set in and near Bath, England.Sabden, Lancashire, England, featuring WPC Florence Lovelady, new to the police squad in 1969 and the only woman officer.On Christmas Eve, things come to a head in the Wheeler household and then the lies and misdirection begin.

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Another theatrical mystery, my least favourite kind.Read for a book group.At her lack of want.Set in the 1957 seaside town of Brighton, England, where attractive young women called Brighton Belles help tourists with all manner of things, this installment deepens the relationship between Constable Twitten and Mrs.Morris Sword Dance of the 5 Sons each year on the Wednesday before Christmas.

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Fairly gripping throughout, quite gory and deeply unsettling at the start.Obinze ends up back in Nigeria, where he marries and becomes very financially successful; fifteen years after leaving Nigeria, with lots of education, work experience, and relationships under her belt, Ifemelu also returns after a family crisis, and the two former lovers reconnect.Of course, everything is connected.Martha Grimes, in the Det.North Korea, fascism, the threat of nuclear war, and Brexit.

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Chicago, Los Angeles, and the Kentucky Derby in Louisville.Linda Fairstein, 20th in the Alex Cooper series.October through September with all kinds of activities, rituals, projects, plants, and recipes pertinent to each time.Cult of Victimhood, everyone wants to get in on the action.Nazis and returns changed.

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Occasionally he had the feeling that she rather disliked him but as a rule he had no feeling about her at all.Trump voters and their perspectives.Trey, whose older brother went missing six months ago.Each post will look at these ideas from its own vantage point, which may not obviously connect with the others, and which may mention motels and hotels only peripherally or may focus on them without referencing heterotopia or liminality.NPR news per day.

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You have to prove that your opponent is a persecutor in order to justify your own desire to persecute.Louise Penny, 15th in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series, set in Quebec province.The current plot is interspersed with diaries from a man in a psychiatric ward, date unknown, and of course the stories dovetail at the end.Heterotopias stir up unknowing, throw established meaning into question, both our personal perspectives and ways of making meaning and also the significance and meanings assigned to things, events, people, places by others, by the society at large.Hughes realized that a hardy strain of envy and resentment toward this one, lone nonvictim continued to play an important role in the squabbles over who would be granted victim status.This is where we are today.

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Complex and engaging plot, with two alternating and related stories, one set in Kiruna today, the other in Kiruna in 1914, concerning multiple deaths in the same family, spanning several generations.All the stories, oddly, IMO, are about transgressive sexual relationships, those outside the accepted norms of the culture.It unfolds with the uncanny inevitability and disturbing intensity of a dream.Mississippi, where friends and family await, to have the funeral and sort through things.Suspenseful but not all that satisfying for me.

How far will one of them, driven by greed, fear, or desperation, go?Crissy Martin, who runs the place and with whom Ruth bonded.Cal, is a retired Chicago cop now living in the hinterlands of Ireland.The setting this time is the theatre, where at rehearsal one of the actors shoots a gun with a supposed prop bullet cartridge and kills his fellow actor.There are little flags, white for safe and red for boiling mud.

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Peter Robinson, 26th in the DCI Alan Banks series, set in Eastvale, Yorkshire.Ireland during the bombing of London in World War II.Jack is not a good guy.Father Christmas is murdered right next to the tree on Christmas Eve, he and the police have lots of questions for the uneasy guests.Time and space are defined by known boundaries.

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Lots of description of Icelandic landscape and specific mountains.Complex and interesting plot.Cozy, but a bit inane this time.Claude Labrouste, thinks he could have made two women happy but instead he cheated on them and they split up years ago.The most beautiful part of the story is the way it is told: in a simple, anecdotal way without any intention of moving towards any climax.Tara Beckley, a college student charged with driving a speaker to a conference; after a car wreck, neither makes it there, but Tara remains alive and in a coma.Ngaio Marsh, 19th in the Inspector Alleyn series.

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Miss Marple, Arthur and Dolly Bantry, Sir Henry, actress Jane Helier, and Dr.Helene Tursten, an Embla Nystrom investigation, set mainly in Strömstad, Sweden.Cap was formerly employed.Clarissa Dalloway is a woman of privilege and leisure who enjoys beauty and giving parties; as she prepares for a party that night, we follow her on her errands and are privy to some of her thoughts and nostalgic memories of childhood, and we get a glimpse into the thoughts of her husband Richard and a former love interest Peter Walsh who has reappeared from India.They all looked as though they had been begun by Epstein and finished by a frantic bricklayer.Dorthe Nors, Man Book Prize finalist for 2017, a stream of consciousness novel set in Copenhagen.

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Felicia, still being held.Clinton called them deplorables.Much less detective work, no Troy, and lots of MacBeth.The writing and plotting are clear, detailed, and nuanced, with images that will haunt the reader, an unflinching, unsettling, and embodied expression of living in this horrific time.You cower under the sheets of your adventurous spirit.

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Paddington, aka What Mrs McGillicuddy Saw!Above, photo by Joseph Vavak.But I still wish there were more books in the series.Several people come to Poirot with a letter purported to have been written by him accusing them of the murder of a man who was believed to have simply fallen asleep and drowned in his tub.The days in nowadays, etc.

Shades of the mood at the Tumblr site, Motel Register.Eventually both Lila and Enzo work as programmers for IBM.Trump yelled out at a rally in Oct.Barnaby Grant with a blackmailing demand that he lend his name and himself to tours of the basilica of San Tommaso.Robert Hughes, which appeared in the February 3, 1992, edition of Time magazine.TV show, the bride a stylish and beautiful magazine publisher.

The mystery plot is liberally sprinkled with references to baking and tea making, with lots of details about scones, cupcakes, tea sandwiches, tea types and brewing, and so on.Tremaine, an amateur detective, is invited to spend Christmas at a country house in England, whose owner, Benedict Grame, likes to play Father Christmas, complete with full costumes and presents placed on the tree on Christmas Eve for each guest.Vega is asked to help the San Diego police solve a case involving the trafficking of underaged Mexican girls, and she invites Cap to fly out and help her.Many of the plants grow in New England, where our group is located.He teaches her manners, honour, kindness, etc.

Kathy Reichs in the Tempe Brennan series, this one set entirely near Charlotte, North Carolina.Vineyard, off Cape Cod, where her water breaks and she immediately gives birth to her second daughter, Ruby, delivered by a veterinarian and a dentist.Setting is a large house, probably in London.The god was draped in an angular cloak from the folds of which glared two disconsolate quadrupeds who might conceivably represent Geri and Freki, while from behind a pair of legs suggestive of an advanced condition of elephantiasis peered a brace of disconsolate fowls, possibly Huginn and Muninn.Horse training and racing are once again an aspect of the story.

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Firth of Forth, St.The effects on brothers Philip and Sandy of political rhetoric, public policies, media coverage, whispered conversations among frantic adult neighbours and their own classmates, and differences of opinion among family members are subtly and elegantly delineated.Most of the story takes place at the Bloxham Hotel, where it soon transpires that three people have been killed, posed, and had a monogrammed cufflink placed in their mouths; there is also a foray to the small town of Great Holling, where the root of the murders seems to lie.DI Adam Fawley series, both of which I really liked.The plot concerns anarchists who, believing they are working toward world peace, the end of poverty, and some kind of equality of gender and personhood, act to assassinate emperors to destroy empires.Ngaio Marsh, the 32nd and last of the Inspector Alleyn series.

Jefferson Farjeon, a classic crime novel republished recently.Welcome to the Crossroads Motel!There is no justification for these points of view, and why would I ever show respect for these points of view by spending time and listening to them?Elly Griffiths, 12th in the Ruth Galloway series.And why does he leave 19 minutes between his initial assault and the fatal blow?Peter Lovesey, the 11th in the Peter Diamond series, set in Bath, England.

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On the other hand, the plotting and particularly the revelations about the murdered priest seem pretty predictable.Mayhem ensues, entangling one sister in the black market organ market.British crime stories set around Christmas.Steve Moran are given what looks like a simple domestic violence case.Just about all of her subjects felt a deep sense of bitterness toward elites and city dwellers; just about all of them felt tread on, disrespected and cheated out of what they felt they deserved.Once you successfully portray yourselves as a poor, outcast, persecuted, minority group you instantly gain the sympathy of all.Justice will be replaced by Pity as the cardinal virtue, and all fear of retribution will vanish.

Not her best effort, IMO.Edmund, the second Bertram son, who is 16 when Fanny comes to live with his family, is empathetic and kind and takes a particular interest in Fanny when he sees how miserable she is.Trenton deli after several deli managers disappear, each with only one shoe left near the dumpster.Christmas, no Dalgliesh nor any detective, rather sordid.Peter Lovesey, the 12th in the Peter Diamond series, set in Bath, England, and nearby.This is my favourite McDermid series.Chris came to the island.

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Christian presence, everyone can get in on the action if they look hard enough.That several people die is no secret; the book begins with a news clipping reporting it.But you will take care of him, Mr.Briefly, someone seems to be killing cops who were involved with unsolved cases.Everything is overdetermined on the road.Each chapter ends with a list of practical things to try.

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My favourite so far.Six fairly simple essays about gardens in history, in literature and painting, as metaphor, and in her own life.He dropped hints and when pressed to explain them, took fright and dived into obscurities.If you consider murder dramatic, he is successful.There are plenty of possible psychopaths among the characters, or are they just villains, or neither?Recommended for those who like psychological crime fiction and police procedurals.Ngaio Marsh, 20th in the Inspector Alleyn series, this one set aboard the Cape Farewell, a cruise ship out of London, with a handful of suspects on board.

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White Guilt, views the political battlefield, foreign as well as domestic, as a place for making deals.Involves a troupe of British actors en route to and in New Zealand to perform.Semitic mayor Karl Lueger is front and center.Another good one, this time set at the House of the Sacred Flame, a religious cult situated across the street from Bathgate and headed by Jasper Garnette, whose rituals involve a host of pagan gods, initiation ceremonies, and a Chosen Vessel.Irish Free State, with the contentious and nuanced relationships among nationalists and unionists.Kate Atkinson, with former police detective Jackson Brodie.

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When Derek is taken to the hospital with a burst appendix and dies within an hour of the surgery, there are many personal and political suspects.The story is told from the points of view of each, though not in a formal way.Not my favourite in the series.People who have been traumatised by fire might also want to skip this one.Her character profiles of family, friends, and others are adroit.Lisa Taddeo, about the sexual desires, disappointments, traumas, risks, sacrifices, etc.Poirot and his companion, Scotland Yard detective, Edward Catchpool, travel to the estate on a luxury coach after being summoned there by Richard Devonport to prove that his fiancée, Helen, who has confessed and is waiting to be hung, is innocent of the murder of his brother, Frank.

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People get victimized, and we have a moral obligation to try to end the victimization.Peter Lovesey, the 15th in the Peter Diamond series, set in and near Sussex, England, this time.Ngaio Marsh, 31st in the Inspector Alleyn series, set on a lavish island estate in New Zealand.This series is always a good read.When the book ends, the women are 60ish, their children grown, their lives still somewhat unsettled.As usual, the various stories, complex and richly textured, come together elegantly.

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Lila would become someone and I would stay behind.Sir Harold Lacklander, head of the feudal Lacklander family of the English village of Swevenings.This book takes place in London in the course of a June day in 1923, when the shadow of the war and the flu still loom.The first key to success in this campaign is to portray your victim condition as something over which you have no control.If they see you are happy, they will try to destroy you.Ngaio Marsh, 18th in the Inspector Alleyn series.

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Emma Copley Eisenberg, which felt muddled and disorganised, not compelling.The sentence died away as a doubt arose in Mrs.England, not too far from Cambridge.Melrose Plant crime novel.Alleyn himself ends up investigating the murder along with drug running in the area.Eventually, since most of the members are over age 80, illness and infirmity cast a dark shadow over the lighter aspects of living in community.

Westerners; radical agitators wanting to be paid more and not be cared for like children at the mills; and so on.It asks How are stories kept alive?Melrose Plant to investigate.At the same time, a new naive, and sexually sadistic, doctor, Anders Ronn, is temporarily in charge of the prison.Read for a bookgroup.Peter Lovesey, the 17th in the Peter Diamond series, set in Bath, England.

Hiding aspects of who we are from ourselves and everyone else.Family photos and other illustrations decorate the story, much of it about her father and a family friend named Willy, who were building supers on the same block at one time.Japanese girl is found in the store after closing.Ngaio Marsh, 17th in the Inspector Alleyn series.There is quite a bit of discussion about character vs.

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More suspense than police procedural, though there is some of that.The story begins in the icy world of South Georgia, near Antarctica, where Felicity works as a glaciologist.Motels: They stand in for home, and in doing so remind us, in their bleak emptiness, that we are not home, not at all.It was OK but I was expecting a lot more based on many glowing reviews.Anthony Horowitz, crime fiction.Sergeant Brunswick, undercover playing the trumpet at a nightclub, and Inspector Steine, modelling for an inferior wax museum and drooling over one of the Belles.In the nearest of these figures Nigel fancied he recognised Odin.

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Hudson Valley history interwoven with the mystery.The Stranger is found next to the body, DS Kaur starts to look with suspicion at Clare.An interesting insight into that time period, quite well written, often amusing.Louise Penny, 16th in the Gamache series, this one set almost entirely in Paris.He supposed he had married her in a brief wave of enthusiasm for polar expedition.

It was clear to Hughes, however, that this was not a symptom of a moral victory over our scapegoating impulses.His main case is that, for various reasons including how comparatively slowly trees grow and act, we maintain a false moral barrier between animals and plants, which, if we understood plants, and especially trees, better, we would realise is in error.The lines he quoted were ones in which King Herod ruminates over whether the threat to civilization posed by the birth of Christ is serious enough to warrant murdering all the male children in one region of the empire.Reyjkavik but soon returns to help solve the case when the new boss is shot.Charles Cartwright, as well as a vicar, a doctor, an actress, a playwright, and some gentlefolk.

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Jill McGown, in the Inspector Lloyd and Sargent Judy Hill detective series, set in Stansfield, England.America in a nutshell.Being a victim does not necessarily make you wiser, or more just, or better able to discern moral realities in the world around you, because being a victim is ultimately and fundamentally arbitrary.Peter is chosen to make sure nothing does, either at the Abbey wedding or the reception in the Roman Baths.Meanwhile, Diamond is dealing not only with his own theatre phobia, stemming from childhood, but with a new and garrulous policeman assigned to his team against his will.But is either one a murderer?

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Langlois, an outsider to a small French alpine village who arrives first to investigate the disappearances of several people and returns a few years later to guard the town from wolves.My becoming was a becoming in her wake.Ngaio Marsh, 12th in the Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Detective Roderick Alleyn series, though Alleyn only enters midway through and without Fox, Bailey, and the others on the police force.Set entirely in Cambridge, MA.The gods wore helmets and beards, the goddesses helmets and boots.

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Starling, who lives in Boston.George Saunders, for a bookgroup.The Rough Diamond, the Consumptive Whore, the bandit who is good to his mother, the epileptic girl who has a way with animals will be the heroes and heroines of the New Age, when the general, the statesman, and the philosopher have become the butt of every farce and satire.Her silence made her complicit, innocent as beasts, oracular.Snoop arrive at a luxurious chalet in the French Alps for a corporate retreat and ski week that pretty quickly devolves, aided by a massive snowstorm and avalanche.Ngaio Marsh, 22nd in the Inspector Alleyn series.

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Always a joy to read these books.Peter Lovesey, the 13th in the Peter Diamond series, set in Bath, England.What do we do with it, as people, as a culture?Shakespeare, anticipating Freud, puts the threat where it really is: on the inside.Alleyn when a wealthy relative is killed in a gruesome manner at their home after refusing to give the family any more money.Inspector Alleyn series, often set in theatres.

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Kari Dickson, 13th in the Inspector Sejer series, set in Kirkelina, Norway.This novel about a tiny community at the dangerous edge of things and a man of law who is a man alone could be described as a metaphysical Western.Cowen, in his interviews this week, mentions a few of the reasons Trump supporters might be resentful, including ongoing job losses and severe wage stagnation over the last 50 years for most men.Still, I enjoyed it.The book was a pleasant read but it ultimately failed for me because a key scene, in which something is realised by one of the characters, was unconvincing.Harper was 12, is too much for her to ignore.

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Ngaio Marsh, 10th in the Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Detective Roderick Alleyn series, set mostly in London.Monday night into an early Tuesday morning.Jamie is found in the Firth of Forth with his head bashed in.And you could take one road or the other out of the parking lot.Georgia, and an investigating officer, DS Harbinder Kaur.Jane Austen, for a bookgroup.

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Nevertheless, the algebraic equation of victimhood requires victimizers, and so, for purely logical reasons, some claims have to be denied.Cap soon realises and appreciates as well.Agatha Christie, nominally a Poirot mystery but he plays a minor role at the start and a somewhat greater one at the finish.Verity; the plot was a bit much.Moscow and wreak havoc, particularly among members of the Variety Theatre, with decapitations, lots of arson, black magic, abductions, counterfeiting.Is desire that transgresses cultural norms the only desire worth writing about?

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Appalachia need to stop cutting off their nose to spite their face, stop making irrational choices because it feels good to lash out.Robin Wall Kimmerer, for a group.Trump would really bring back coal jobs, expel Muslims, and lock immigrants out of the country; but many others probably voted reasonably in their own interests for someone whom they trusted to effectively and palatably negotiate progressive actions away just like a civil business deal.Val McDermid, in the DCI Karen Pirie series, set in and near Edinburgh, Scotland.Christi Daugherty, first in the investigative crime reporter Harper McClain series, set in Savannah, GA.Alleyn meets independent and somewhat iconoclastic artist Agatha Troy on a cruise ship, falls in love with her painting and with her, then meets her again shortly after landing back in England when someone is murdered at her group studio session.Peter Lovesey, the 6th in the Peter Diamond series, this one set in and near the vault under the Bath Abbey churchyard, where a hand has been found in concrete.

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Coincidentally, former Foreign Service official Mr.West Virginia in Sept.Is there anything a mother would not do to protect her child?His time in the Marines also mattered because it was the first time he saw people in much worse conditions than those he was raised in, yet with a good attitude and without his resentment of rich people.When it turns out the man died more recently than the 18th century, and by being stabbed, Peter and team get to work to try to identify the victim so they can perhaps find the killer.And this is bad for the country as a whole and we see a version of this in the last election where so many people are shocked by the candidate who actually won.Guide to Permaculture, 2nd Ed.

Elly Griffiths, ninth in the forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway series.Johnson years, thanks largely to Watergate and Vietnam, and although it has fluctuated sharply from time to time, the overall trend since then has been decidedly downward.Susie Steiner, second in a series.American male starts bawling for victim status too.Rakisjokk, either in or very near Finland, near the Arctic Circle, with dark winters and light summers.Jesus executed and the guilt he holds because of that decision; Margarita is his married lover.

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Anything could happen here.The New Aristocracy will consist exclusively of hermits, bums and permanent invalids.Someone is stringing up couples, the woman first, then the man, in parks, from bridges, at other public structures in Bath.Not particularly thrilling or gripping, and again the end was a let down.Annie in a previous book.

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Linda Fairstein, in the Asst.This used to be called Realpolitik.Logar, Afghanistan, with his parents, his brothers, his many cousins and other relations.Lily, her best friend Bernie, and Rose have to do some investigating of their own.France looking for Sylvestre, his toxicology idol, a man who is connected through his damning evidence at trial with the conviction of several notorious poisoners.

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The third stage of the campaign is the release of anger.Ngaio Marsh, 1st in the Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Detective Roderick Alleyn series.Extremely important book that I wish everyone would read.Pauline was probably my favourite.France during and after the Nazi occupation.Biblical Garden of Eden, prison, home, and the building of walls are all explored directly and subtly, in real time and in a handful of folkloric stories.

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Alleyn is very interested in the trout.Mary, who is also a bit superficial and who, though she has feelings for him, is not happy that he has no inheritance and wants to be a lowly clergyman.Coincidentally, a hot singer, Xavier Rayne, has gone missing after a night of drinking with his housemates on Tybee, and McClain is on hand to investigate by trying to get chummy with his three friends.London, and in Nigeria.Weequahic, a Jewish section of Newark.Katrine Engberg, debut crime fiction set in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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This series is comfort food for me.Christmas oratorio, For the Time Being.Colonel Lucius Protheroe, disliked by one and all, is found murdered in Rev.Scarpetta underwater with a spear as she was diving in the Bahamas.Even though virtually everyone seemed to be claiming the status of victim, the claims could be sustained only if some of the claims could be denied.The two women grow apart, come together, grow apart, come together, grow apart.He noted that in virtually all the contemporary social, political, or moral debates, both sides were either claiming to be victims or claiming to speak on their behalf.

Cassandra Chappelle, a wealthy former minor actress with a past.Not quite as good as most of the others, because there were too many disparate threads that were confusing and probably extraneous.The anger must be expressed because, without knowing it, a new cycle of tribal scapegoating has developed.All children have to be deceived if they are to grow up without trauma.Am a Camera, apparently burned by tainted stage makeup, and then someone else connected with the play is found dead, apparently of suicide.

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Read with my permaculture group.Ancreton to sort through the temperamental family members and their motives.Invasive species fill a niche in the ecosystem and provide benefits to the other plants and animals as well as challenges.DCI Harry Nelson advances a bit, and there are some funny lines in the book.Rick Nagano, a half Japanese, half white doctoral student in history at USC in Los Angeles.Names of the weekdays were not regularly capitalized in English until late 12c.

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Also, a brief but horrific description of factory chicken farming.Worse, as in The Killings at Kingfisher Hill, Poirot is portrayed in an unflattering light, unpleasant and rudely condescending, and without, for the most part, the humourous and affectionate touch Christie lent him and his foibles.For, he argues in the passage that Hughes quoted, should the Child survive:Reason will be replaced by Revelation.Meanwhile, Rakel is having headaches and gets checked out at the hospital.

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